Recent Work: Carnival Fundraiser Flyer

I recently had the opportunity to create a flyer to help spread the word about a young man with leukemia who needs some help. Some of the folks at Peace Lutheran Church decided to put on a carnival fundraiser to help this young man and his family, and I was happy to be included.

UPDATE: I've added the coordinating raffle ticket too. Such a fun project and a great cause!

It's a real joy for me to use my skills to help others and it's amazing to see folks come together to help folks in our community in need. The ladies planning this are awesome!

We're praying for you, Jaykob!

Snapshots: Studio Photography

I've been enjoying the get to know you process with my schmancy camera. There are lots of tips available on the internet on lighting, backdrops and camera settings that really help newbies take good pics.

[You can decide if those tips are helping me!]

Here are a few pictures from a session I did with W this week. We skipped buying a picture package from the studio she attended in an effort to curb the money monster her dance class was becoming, haha! I already have ideas of things I would try differently and I had hoped to do some outside but it's been raining on and off.

What a face, love it!