[on the table] Halloween Eats

I admit it, I'm a little Halloween obsessed this year!

First I went a little overboard on the costumes.

Now I've got a whole day of spooky food for the kids!

Mummy dogs and sweet potato mash.

Apple and peanut ghoulish smiles.

Monster noodles.

Spider English muffin pizzettes.

Goblin goo parfaits.

I've also seen ghost bananas, mummy cookies, witch's brooms and ghost shaped cornbread.

[Hello Pinterest!]

So much fun! Do you have anything planned for Halloween? We're going to eat spooky food all day, W gets to wear her Alice costume to school, then K will take the kids trick-or-treating, in costume of course, while I pass out treats at home, also in costume. Hopefully K and I will finish off the night with a bonfire. Woohoo!

Happy Halloween!

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