Snapshots: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

As promised, I'm going to show off a bit more of the Ehresmanns Do Alice in Wonderland with the tea party styling.

When I began imagining what this might look like I really wanted something outdoors, but I felt it needed to be more than just 4 well dressed book characters and trees. And there are few things more iconic of Alice in Wonderland than the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, am I right?

I wanted to use items I already had as much as possible, but there were a few items I picked up at second hand and big box stores. The table is a narrow rectangular folding table, which made it easy to transport. I covered that with a gray sheet that I use for photo backgrounds in my kitchen. I purchased the lace overlays; I searched second hand stores for awhile, but lace must be a hot item because nothing turned up! I actually had trouble finding anything right in the big box stores too, but finally came across these square lace table drapes. I thought they added a vintage flavor.

I spread some green moss around under the cupcake stand and accessorized with hardcover books, including Alice in Wonderland, and a few fake blooms. If you look closely you'll also see a clock (you're late!), keys (for all those pesky doors), a tea pot I made in a college pottery class, a Drink Me bottle, and a few chess pieces scattered about. I set this up in the lower level of my house well in advance, adding to it and taking things away. I could've gone much bigger if I'd chosen a larger table, but I feel like the small one was successful. Disheveled tea settings were the finishing touch on our Mad Hatter's table.

When the shoot was over the kids were thrilled to dig in to the food! M's ears didn't last too long, lol.

More on the food tomorrow and if you missed Part One, click here!


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  1. Shut the front door! Photography styling skills too? Are those mushrooms marshmallows dipped in chocolate? Love the heart sammies or cookies. What fun! The moss is a perfect touch and the books and key. You'd make for a great party planner and decorator. Can't wait to talk about it on our little glamping vacay. :)