Snapshots: Tea Party Eats

As promised, Part Three!

Let's talk food people.

Top 'shelf' we have hard-boiled eggs and roma tomatoes with crumbled feta 'mushrooms'. Easy to make, not so easy to get to sit upright! Next row down are sugar cookie 'tea bags' with chocolate almond bark and a super cute teatime anytime tag. Third row sports tiny strawberry jam (jam tomorrow jam yesterday, but never ever jam today! Anyone??) heart cutout sandwiches. I found this adorable loaf of tiny square bread in the bread aisle. Love this party size bread!

That's it! We didn't need much because it wasn't a real tea party.

[Ooh, did you think it was real? Sorry to spoil the illusion, lol!]

But it was all tasty. At least if you like chocolate, sugar cookies, strawberry jam and hard-boiled eggs.

[We do. A lot.]

That's Part Three folks! I sincerely hope you enjoyed our foray into, ahem, over the top family Halloween. We LOVED it!

Missed Part One?

Part Two?

What are your families doing for Halloween?


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