Personal Project: Do You Pinterest?

Isn't that a lovely song? 'Oh Holy Night, la da di da di daaaaaaa dum'.

This is a new piece of our holiday decor, inspired by the work of someone else on Pinterest! Do you Pinterest? I didn't. For a looooong time. Then my sister made me.

[Big sisters are super bossy. Just ask my little brother. Ha!]

Well now that I Pinterest I'm continually inspired to make, try and eat. One of my favorite things to create on Pinterest are Vision Boards. Anything that inspires me for the current month. Then when I'm feeling inspiration-less or creatively blocked I just visit the vision board and usually get it together. Usually. Art is suffering, right? Lol!

Back to this art. I knew there was no way I'd accomplish the thin weight of the letters and the curves and swirls with a paint brush. I'm just not that good and canvas is bumpy, you feel me?

[That's a texture joke. Bumpy. Feel. C'mon you get it, right? Haha!]

So I used a Sharpie. I spray painted the canvas with an uneven coat of bronze spray paint and let it dry. Then I thought I'd pencil in the text first but I really couldn't see it over the bronze so I just picked up that Sharpie and went with it! It really turned out better than I expected and hangs in a lovely spot over our beautiful nativity.

I've got a few more Christmas projects to share coming up!


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  1. Yes, it did turn out lovely. I am so glad I came here (blog) to see how you did it 'cause it is beautiful, creative, and perfect for the season and your wall.